Many people believe that Romans 10:9 provides the instructions for salvation but that simply is not true.

The short answer is it isn’t Biblical. It is taken out of context.
The book of Romans is not addressing unsaved people, but an established church where the people were already saved. They did not need to know HOW to be saved. They were being taught how faith and grace work.

The people in that church that the book of Romans is addressing had already repented of their sins, been baptized in the NAME OF JESUS (the ONLY NAME of the father, son, and Holy Ghost), and they had received the Holy Ghost as evidenced by speaking in other tongues.

They had already been ‘saved’ according to the church that Jesus established in Acts, according to the apostles doctrine.

The instruction in Acts 2:38 for salvation was given to the unsaved in response to their question, “What shall we do?” (after they realized just how sinful they were).

So before you jump into Romans, back up to the foundation of the church that Jesus built and read the book of Acts. You will see it demonstrated over and over again, people repenting, being baptized in the NAME of JESUS and receiving the Holy Ghost – and speaking in other tongues.

There is a reason that those examples are there – and there are a lot of them – it is because that is the only way to be saved.

If salvation is an engine, then Acts 2:38 is the key.
Romans is just the instruction manual that explains how it works.

There is only ONE WAY to be saved.
Repent of your sins (but don’t stop there)
Be baptized in JESUS name (no other name, no titles, only Jesus)
You will receive the Holy Ghost as evidenced by speaking in other tongues. You may receive it before baptism in Jesus name, or after, but it must happen because it is evidence that you have fully repented.

Baptism on the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues is YOUR assurance that your name is written in the Book of Life. 
There is NOTHING like it.
But if you have not spoken in other tongues then you have not received the Holy Ghost. In the Bible that is the ONLY evidence that is given. People may act different, but that doesn’t mean they are filled with the Holy Ghost. The only way to know is to speak in other tongues – because that is what the BIBLE tells us.

So if you have not repented, repent today.
If you have not been baptized in the name of Jesus, I can help you find a pastor in your area who can do it.

If you have not been filled with the Holy Spirit (evidenced by speaking in other tongues) start seeking after it today. If you contact me I will gladly pray for you. If you have questions I will gladly answer.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what your grandma said, or your father, or even your pastor. We will all be judged by what it written in the BOOK. If our lives don’t line up with scripture God said He will turn us away.

Study for yourself and don’t rely on the word of man. The book of Acts is crystal clear and tells us exactly what we are to do to be saved. There is no other way and when you are standing before Him in judgment, there are no second chances.