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by Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net

Graphic by Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net

I recently saw a question posed to the members of a forum for Christian Aspies. The person asked if God created Asperger’s or if we are some type of corruption from the “norm.”

I have heard many people ask variations of this question over the years and it is a great one. However, I don’t believe that the answer is so black and white.

The question itself implies that what is considered by society to be “normal” is actually God’s normal. I personally do not believe that it is. I don’t believe that God ever intended for society’s accepted normal to be what was normal for man.

See, when sin was brought into the picture it began to corrupt every cell of every human that existed and that followed. God’s intended normal was present in Adam and Eve prior to the fall. After that, it was a steady decline. What we are now are corrupted versions of what God originally intended so that even society’s “normal” isn’t even normal.

I will go even further to say that many forms of Asperger’s such as the honesty, adherence to rules, conviction when a rule is broken (sin), and even sensory processing issues actually seem more in line with scripture.

In the garden man was not exposed to the overwhelming sensory input. In fact, man began in an agrarian society where people farmed, planted crops and lived off of the land. Life was perfect.

When sin entered the scene man began to degrade. NO ONE is normal, at least by God’s originally intended normal, any more.

So, did God create Asperger’s? I believe that He created ME. He created Aspies. He created all of us, but the corruption of sin is NOT His doing. And there are many, many shades of that corruption. In that respect, Aspies and “normal” people are on the same spectrum.

What do YOU think?