I want to thank everyone who wrote and commented on my post, offering encouragement and prayers. There are greatly appreciated and they are helping. My husband took some aggressive steps and he took care of me. He is so awesome.

We are now staying in one of those hotels where you pay by the week. It is small, but it is ours.
It has a kitchenette so I can cook. I have tried to make it as homey as possible. I still miss everyone back home, but I am surviving here. I am even finding happy spots during the days. My husband helps with that. I have had a couple of nights where I slept well. Other times not so much.
But for now I have some relief. I will continue to associate with the people who were cruel and I have already forgiven them. But trust is very hard for me and when someone violates my trust it isn’t easily won back – if ever.
At this point, though, I can breathe and smile. I can relax.