I had a rough morning.

When I got up, I had one of my headaches. As it progressed, I became nauseated, dizzy, disoriented and the pain seemed to radiate from my head down my neck to my shoulders and back.

I had been trying to get ready for work, but knew I would not make it as long as I was like this.

I went and laid down on my bed. As I lay there, the headache and nausea got worse and worse. I got very, very hot, despite the fact that I was uncovered and the AC was on. I began to sweat.

I could hear my husband in the living room listening to a preacher on his computer. I got hotter, the pain was almost unbearable and the nausea was terrible.

Then, in an instant I felt nothing.  It seemed as if the whole world just fell away from me. It was like I fell into the bottom of a funnel. The preacher’s words got softer and softer until I could not hear anything. It was dark and, well, nothing. I wasn’t hot or cold, didn’t feel anything at all.

I was vaguely aware of a shaking, a jerking, very rhythmic. My dog began to whine. I could hear here but it sounded far, far away even though she was right next to my bed. She placed her front paws on the bed, something she never does with me unless I invite her (and even then I have to coax her because she knows I do not allow her on the bed). She was licking my face (something else she does not do). Somewhere in myself I wanted to make her stop licking my face. I was aware but I couldn’t feel it. I also found I couldn’t move to put my hands up and make her stop.

Then it was over. I felt like I was slammed back to me, my body, the pain and nausea. I gently pushed my dog away – she stopped whining as soon as I started moving. But she sat next to me with her chin on the edge of the bed, watching me.

The pain and nausea began to subside, slowly at first, then rather rapidly and was replaced with extreme exhaustion. I was SO TIRED I felt as if I could not open my eyes, couldn’t lift my arms, couldn’t sit up. I rested a moment; then I did get up. I had to go to work.

Now, 5 or so hours later I am beginning to feel better. Still very groggy and tired, but up and about and working. Looking forward to going home this evening, though. I just want to rest.

Thank you, Jesus! I did not have to miss a whole day! Grateful to God that it happened, is over and I did not lose an entire day because of it.

God is good!