You ask for prayers, but are YOU praying?

Sometimes people hold the false belief that they are not qualified to pray for something or someone, for their own situations. They feel they are not worthy to approach our Lord and ask Him for what they need. They may feel that they are not devout enough or involved enough or that they have too much sin in their lives to be heard by God.

Some are just lazy, preferring to ride on the coattails of those who are living actively for God, maintaining a powerful, active prayer life, active in the body and regular church goer.

Both groups can be remedied by one simple concept – prioritize.

Where do your priorities lie? Where does God fit into your life? Where does prayer fit into your to-do list? Is church optional for you? Or, if you go to church, do you warm the pew for a couple of hours then go about your life, your way, the rest of the week?

Christianity is not a spectator sport. It requires commitment and devotion and constant growth. Living for God is not easy. You will suffer, you will be rejected, you will be persecuted. People will mock you. They will put you down and belittle you. They will try to make you believe that what you are doing is wrong, that living for God is wrong.

The world will not understand you. It will hate you. It will try to turn you away from God.

But there are great rewards if you stay the course. The Bible is full of God’s promises for His faithful.

Are you one of His faithful? Or do you have some work to do?

Maybe it is time to rearrange your priorities and rethink your to-do list. Most of those things you think are so important are just temporary things of this world. The people you may be holding above God (that makes them idols) should be seeing you hold God above them, should be seeing the Godly example you are setting for them to follow.

Maybe your kids should see less of you playing taxi for them as you take them from activity to activity and see you spending more time on your knees.

This means that you must walk with God, in His Word as closely as you can, live as holy a life as you possibly can, keep yourself as morally pure as possible and repent regularly.

And pray. For if you don’t have a prayer life, you have no life at all.

When you say “pray for me,” are you praying too? Or is the example you are setting one of someone else doing the work, the praying? If you don’t know how or what to pray, get someone to pray with you. Often we learn by example.

We are all setting examples, what examples are YOU setting?

Today I pray that you will become the Godly example that Jesus wants you to be, that you will understand what is truly important in your life and what is fleeting, that you will find within yourself the truth that YOU CAN PRAY AND GOD WILL HEAR YOU.