I was helping someone who felt God had abandoned him. I felt that God’s spirit had led me to him and was leading me in what I was writing to him (I am a spirit-filled, new birth, born again, believer).
Currently, we have 1 pack of chicken in the fridge, $20 to our name and no groceries for the coming week. Things have been a little tight for us financially, overall, but on this check, the one our rent comes out of, it is particularly tight.
We did not know where our provision was coming from, but we trusted God to provide for us. We continued to praise Him, bless Him, work for Him.
As I ended my conversation with the person, my phone rang. It was my husband telling me that he had just received a tip from a customer for $20 (he is not in an industry where tips are common – at all). As we continued to work and praise God, He doubled our blessing of the $20 we had in our pocket. We can certainly eat, rather well in fact, on $40!
Praise God! He is GOOD!!!!