There seems to be two distinct spiritual influences prevalent in our society today when it comes to “religion” – even (or maybe often?) in the church.

The first one is Deception.

The second, Rebellion.

Working alone, each can get you into trouble. Working together, they can get you into a lot of trouble – a lot.

I have said this before and I will say it again (and again and again). Don’t just accept what someone “feeds” you, look it up in The Book for yourself. Many times someone will take one verse from the Bible and create a doctrine around it. Often they have not studied surrounding or supporting scripture to determine the context.

Deception will make you believe that what you are doing is right, even if it isn’t Biblical (and it will convince you that it is Biblical).

Rebellion will tell you that you are an individual, you control your own destiny and you should do what you want, what makes you feel good (even if it is not scriptural or against scripture altogether).

It is easy to get rooted in these things, usually because they are telling us what we want to hear. They speak to your ego, play off of your pride, utilize your fear and are usually never completely clear (confusion).

God doesn’t operate that way. He will never promote your ego or use your pride to manipulate you into doing something for Him. He is a God of love, not fear. He will not use fear to manipulate you. He definitely is not the author of confusion, but you know who is? Satan.

The enemy will try to mask his voice to sound like God’s. He will give you just enough truth to make the story look real when in fact it is really just a lie. He will use your weaknesses against you, your pride, your sense of self worth, your fears, to manipulate you into doing what he wants.

He knows what scares you, what you react to and he will use it till it is used up – untilyou are used up.

So, when you are presented with a teaching about God, don’t be misguided. Take a closer look. Does it contain the characteristics of God (love, truth, light, security, modesty, humility)? Or does it contain the characteristics of the devil (pride, fear, rage, insecurity, confusion)?

Your best defense against being misguided is to read The Book. Know God’s Word and you will know His voice.

Then you can’t be deceived and you can’t be tempted into rebellion.

Are there any areas in your life right now where you feel you may be struggling with deception or rebellion? What does God’s Word say?

Do you need to break free? Do you need a revelation? Do you need prayer? I am here. I am available. You can contact me through the comment section here, my email or through Facebook. You have a friend here.

God bless.