Well, Christmas has come and gone. New Year’s followed a week later. People say it is back to the same old day after day stuff.

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, though. I mean,  people wait all year long for these two days to arrive – a whole 48 hours out of 8,760 hours.

Christmas, for instance, is a day that many people set aside to celebrate Jesus’ birth (even though he was actually born sometime around mid October). They also use that time of year to get together with family.

Why wait for a day to come so that you can use it as an excuse to do things that you probably should be doing more often throughout the year?

Around Christmas you suddenly see all these posts on Facebook praising Jesus and saying He is the “reason for the season.”

But isn’t He the reason for everything?

What about the other 364 days?

You woke up this morning. Praise God!

You get to see a brand new day dawn, usher in a brand new moment in time, you can read these words – or you have someone who reads them to you – what a blessing!

Do you really have to wait until Christmas to celebrate all the wonderful things that God does for you?

And New Year’s is just as confusing for me. I seriously don’t get the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing. Why should I have to wait for a particular day to make a change that I should already be doing?

If there is something in my life that needs to change, the best time to start is NOW!

I remember certain things that happened on certain days and I think “this time, 20 years ago…” and I think of the occasion. But the moment in time has passed and it won’t come back. We say it is a celebratory day, but it feels just like any other day to me.

I do celebrate some days, like birthdays and such because that is what my family always done and somewhere in my mind, I guess if I stopped it would throw the world off of its axis or something (that is sarcasm – I know that won’t happen if I don’t celebrate a birthday or something).

I also give gifts for Christmas, but it isn’t a big deal in our house. We pray and praise God – but we do that every day anyway.

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because they don’t make sense to me. If I have gone all this time and haven’t done what I was supposed to do (diet, exercise more, whatever) then one day that happens to mark the beginning of the new year on some calendars (but not all) is certainly not going to make me more inclined to see it through.

But, people were talking about their resolutions, so I sorta made one. That morning, on January 1, as I was praying, I said, “Lord, on this new year, even though it feels like just another day to me, I rededicate my life to You. Maybe your resolution, Lord, will be to use me more, change me more and make me more like You.”

Now THAT is a resolution to look forward to!