I am warring right now against principalities and “spiritual hosts of wickedness” (Ephesians 6:12) in several areas of my life right now. In some cases, friends are involved in the battles alongside me. I have had other friends support me in prayer. That is a comfort.

As I was praying this morning – not my morning prayer with my husband, but my alone time prayer – I realized something. As I accept the authority that God gives me in Jesus’ name, as I grow stronger and rise above the situation, take authority in the situation, satan will try to stop me. He will attack my mind with thoughts and words. When that doesn’t work, he will attack my health, sleep and other physical areas I may be somewhat vulnerable.

We all know this, even expect it, but the response to these attacks is what was the revelation.

We praise God through it all.

You might say, “Duh, I know that!”

But that isn’t what I am talking about, not exactly.

As we are attacked, we praise God and thank Him for the trials and difficulties. Thank Him for the attacks and how He uses them for our good, for His good. See, if God wasn’t giving you power and authority over the dark places, the devil would have no reason to attack you. You would not be a threat so you wouldn’t be of much concern to him.

But when God empowers you to battle against this darkness, when you accept the authority and power that He promises you in Jesus’ name, when you begin to act on His Word, well, then you become a threat and the devil gets busy.

I supposed I knew this all along, but I never thought it out or spoke if it. It was more of a reflexive action than it was a conscious action.

But it is something that is vital to spiritual warfare. People need to be aware. Even if they are already doing it, they need to be conscious of it and understand why they do it.

So the next time you are in spiritual warfare and you are getting attacked, praise God. Yes, ask for protection, for wisdom, for courage and strength, but don’t forget to praise Him – and praise Him specifically for the attacks.

You will take away the devil’s power, render his attacks impotent and you glorify God, raising Him up and bringing Him back into focus.

It also helps you. In difficult times, praise is the best medicine.