This morning as I was reading my email, I browsed a list I receive several times a day of writers and journalists, TV producers, etc. who are looking for expert sources for stories they are doing or projects they are working on. One post caught my eye:

Bloggers, Which Beauty Product Changed Your Life?

I’m rounding up the ultimate list of the best products beauty bloggers fell in love with. Bloggers, email me which beauty product changed your life! Tell me why it changed your life. Also, include a link to your blog to include, as well as the link to buy the product you love online somewhere. I’ll respond to those I plan to include!

My answer is probably not what the writer is expecting. But it certainly changed my life and for the first time, I felt beautiful.

I let Jesus live in me.

It is simple. I received the Holy Spirit and that is the first step in truly loving others the way Christ does. That Christ-like love is poured out over everyone I meet because His spirit shines within me and guides my every step.

Yes, Jesus’ light shines from within me, the Holy Spirit is within me and is a light that can’t be dampened. But the love that came after that, the true, pure, unconditional love, is what has really made an impact. It took my breath away.

Best of all, it is a free gift with purchase!

See, it is simple. You purchase salvation by giving your life to Christ and dying to this world by repenting of your sins, experiencing your burial and resurrection through water baptism in Jesus’ name for the remission of your sins. This is your new birth!

And for that price, you get this wonderful, invaluable FREE gift! It is a gift that will never wear out, never fade, never get lost or stolen. No matter what you do or who you are or what you have done in your life, you can receive it if only you pay the price. And when you think about it, Jesus paid a far greater price for us, so we could make this purchase.

This gift will never run out, it will always be available. In fact, if you make the purchase with an honest, open heart, give your life completely to Christ, you will receive this gift – because you must receive it in order to complete the purchase.

This gift gives you a youthful glow, a positive attitude, a loving demeanor, a serving heart, a giving spirit and a beauty that this world cannot judge. It is a beauty that extends beyond what this world dictates as beautiful, what the cosmetics companies say is beautiful, what our media says is beautiful because Jesus Christ is the most beautiful thing there is. When He is in you, He radiates from within you. And you are a mirror of His beauty and light.

And the Holy Spirit also heals.

It doesn’t matter how old the wounds are, how deep they go, if they have scarred over or been covered so they are out of sight. The Great Comforter will reach in, stir your spirit, heal your wounds and make you whole. You will see with new eyes, hear with new ears, love with a new heart. And you will be whole.

The Holy Spirit has reached beyond my autism, beyond the limits my autism set for me, beyond the limits I set for me. And I feel love. I feel true, heart wrenching love. For the first time in my life I have a genuine smile that I did not have to practice for. It does not come from the muscles in my face, but from the love in my heart, from the power of Jesus Christ who dwells within me and radiates out from me allowing me to shine His light into the world.


I will send this to the writer, just because she (or he) needs to know. I doubt that this is what they were looking for.

But they need to know. Everyone does.