This morning, God put something on my heart that He has been pressing me to write for quite a while. It started some months ago, early one morning. God was definitely moving that morning as I prayed and worshipped on the commuter bus on the way in to work (I think I was barely inaudible, quietly, we have to be really quiet on the bus because people sleep and the driver will fuss at you if you make noise).

As I was praying that morning (as I do just about every morning on the bus), it just came over me, almost audible, “Pride is a heavy burden.”

And I knew so here I am.

Pride is sneaky. We speak of being proud of ourselves for getting to where we are (even spiritually) but really the only reason we are there is because of God. We had nothing to do with it except for, maybe being obedient. Still, we should feel blessed, favored by God, but certainly not proud.

Pride in self is of this world (carnal) and our goal as Christians is to shed our worldly selves and walk with God – be as much like Him as we can be.

Pride will keep us from so many wonderful things that Christ offers.

It will keep us from truly knowing Him and receiving all that He has for us because pride exalts self, raising a barrier between us and God. I am so humbled when I learn that God has used me in someone’s life. I receive emails from people telling me that something I wrote “opened windows” for them or made a difference. When that happens, I stop and thank God. It is a very humbling experience to realize that the almighty, omnipotent God of the universe used me, a speck in this world made of dust and with a lot of faults and imperfections.

I am grateful to have the privilege of serving Him.

How do you know that you are living a prideful life? It isn’t always easy to identify because Satan is sneaky. He slips it in when you aren’t really paying attention and disguises it as societal acceptance or socially accepted practices.

But if you hold it up against the scriptures in the Bible, the guidebook that God gave us so that we can live and become more like Him, many of those practices will be revealed.

What’s worse, pride can also be a sign that you are worshipping something other than, or in addition to, God. And how many times did He tell us in the Bible that he is the only God, we are to not have any other Gods before Him, etc.? But to give in to pride is to put your “other Gods” before the one true God.

One effective way to identify possible places of pride is to think about things that embarrass you. That is very, very likely places where you hold pride.

God wants up stripped of our pride so our goal should be to rid ourselves of these situations and behaviors that are prideful within us. He wants us simple and modest. Women don’t need tons of shiny jewelry, high class social status and layers of makeup to make us beautiful. Men don’t need fancy cars, high power careers and expensive duds to be important. Those things may give you status in the world, but they mean absolutely nothing in the Kingdom.

Blessed are the meek, right? When Jesus walked this earth, he was humble. He was not prideful at all, and He is God! If Jesus didn’t give in to pride, we certainly have no business surrendering to it.

Pride is a heavy burden – it separates us from god.

As I prayed about this, I understood that being one of God’s people isn’t always comfortable or convenient. Sometimes it is offensive to those who “aren’t there.” It is convicting and downright hard sometimes because He often calls for change. I have very specific reasons for the choices I have made in my appearance. Maybe I will share if anyone is interested. I will say that these choices come from being obedient to His Word and His Calling.

But it is well worth the energy and discomfort as we grow away from this world and walk closer with God. There is a reason they are called “growing pains.”