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My husband and I are going through a trial right now. We only have my income and our only vehicle is broken beyond repair. It is difficult because maintaining a household on only my income is quite a challenge. It is doable, but difficult if we need anything beyond the necessities.

We had rented a car while my mother was here and the Sunday after she left, we rented a car to get to church. That is too expensive to keep up, though, so we have to relinquish all control and just let God do His thing.

I have a plaque on my desk that says: “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Right now, we can’t see the staircase, the stairs or even that first step, but we are taking it anyway, trusting that God will place our feet where they are supposed to be and ensure that the steps beneath our feet are firm and solid.

We are praying about this situation, asking God to open doors to us, to reveal His will and to give us wisdom in discerning what He wants from us and what direction He wants us to pursue. I am praying that we both have the right attitude in accepting whatever it is that He wants us to do (that is hard for me sometimes).

However, I thought I would list the blessings I have identified thus far that are a direct result of this trial.

  • ·         Our marriage is getting stronger. Adversity will either bond you together or tear you apart. That is up to you to decide. We have decided to stand behind each other and support each other. It is working quite well.
  • ·         My husband and I are spending more quality time together. We already like to spend time together, but this is different. In the mornings I have to walk to the commuter lot to catch a bus to go to work. The path there takes me through a small wooded area. I leave at 5:10 a.m. so it is dark outside. My husband walks me to the other side of the wooded area every morning, carrying a flashlight so that I won’t fall.

I think that is also a good analogy for not only a marriage, but also our walk with God. See, I trust my husband to shine the flashlight on the areas of my path that could be dangerous and keep me from walking in places that I shouldn’t. He is right there beside me to protect me as well. Even if we don’t have to walk down a dark, treacherous path in real life, we can encounter that path in other forms. I will be there always to hold the light for my husband to ensure he doesn’t fall, just as he does me.

It is the same in our walk with God. Just as I trust my husband to shine the light in the right areas and guide me to the other side where it is clear, I trust God to guide us both through this dark path, using His Word as our flashlight and leaning on Him in prayer.

  • ·         My husband and I are getting exercise. On Saturday, we walked to the grocery store together to pick up a few necessities. It was a nice walk, the weather was beautiful. We talked and laughed (and gasped for air because we both are somewhat out of shape – and it is uphill both ways – it really is!).
  • ·         I am learning to turn to my church family. I have a wonderful church family and they have rallied to help us get to church and church related functions. During that time, I talk to the person I am riding with (even though I feel totally socially awkward and think I sound like an idiot). I am learning about these people and I think I am learning about myself, particularly about how to be more social and talk to people.
  • ·         I am learning that I have friends – real friends. My friend from my old church (she now goes to a different church and I go to a different church) called me Saturday afternoon and offered to take me to the grocery store. We spent the afternoon, talking and grocery shopping. We went to lunch. She even took me to a store to get some more shoes (my black pair had holes in the bottoms). It was a really nice time. It is nice to know that I have a friend.

So, while this may be a little difficult, or at the least, inconvenient, God is blessing us and helping us grow through it. I guess this is called looking on the “bright” side, but, really it is just fact. I am not spinning it one way or another. It is what it is.

And it is good because it is directed by God and God is good.