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My husband and I pray each morning. We pray for our union, our church, our families. We pray for forgiveness. We praise God and He honors us with His presence.

And every morning I ask God to change me.

All that other stuff is great, necessary, but in our walk with Christ, one vital element should be growing in Him and becoming like Him. We should, on a regular basis, seek to be like Him.

Every morning I ask, “Lord, order my steps. Let my words be Your words, my actions be Your actions, my thoughts be Your thoughts. Kill off the things in me that are not pleasing to You and fill me with You. Make me like you.”

If we are not seeking to be like Jesus, we don’t stand a chance.

I know I have shared this before, but it is important enough that it needs to be addressed again – and again and again.

DAILY, we should be earnestly seeking to be like Jesus. We should be trying our hardest to be like Him. Our pleas, our prayers asking Him to make us like Him should not be just lip service. We must ask then live our lives as best we can to reflect that request. It isn’t enough to just ask, we must DO as well.

This isn’t always easy. It means killing the flesh, the pride, the rebellion, the deception, the lying to the world and ourselves about how “Christian” we are. There is more, but those things are more obvious. These are the little things that will trip you up and keep you from truly living for God.

You have to let Him in. This is not an optional thing, it MUST happen. You MUST be filled with the Holy Spirit, which means allowing God to be in you, live in you, direct your life. And when that happens, everything changes. YOU will be different. You will feel different and act different.

Today, right where you are, just pray, ask God to order YOUR steps, to be your words, your actions, your thoughts. Ask Him to fill you with Him, to fill you with the Holy Spirit (evidenced by speaking on other tongues).

Just ask, “God, change me.”

And He will.