Amazing things have happened since I last wrote here. I have needed time to think and process just what God has done for me. I admit, it is a lot to take in.

He has blessed me in unbelievable ways and I did not even ask for those blessings. But, as always, He knew what was best for me and it is so good!

Now, if you have been reading this, you know of some of the struggles I have had with some people in my workplace, people who don’t understand my differences and don’t accept them. There has been some mistreatment, some cruelty and I have been praying for my enemies.

And always I have praised Him.

Well, after nearly a year, God has turned things around for me.

Without getting into too many details that are irrelevant, I will give you my testimony here.

I have gotten a new job. It is in the same place, just a different section. This is not just a new job, but a better one!

It is a much better position with growth potential, better utilization of my skills and abilities and advancement opportunities – things I did not have in my past position. The leadership are more understanding and accepting of my AS – at least one person there has a very close friend with AS!

God put me in this place, before the person who could make the decisions and He moved in my situation. He took me out of that place and brought me to a place where I don’t have to hide my light any longer, where I can thrive and where my efforts are appreciated.

I did not ask for this, to be taken from my former position. In fact, every time I tried to apply for a position, I distinctly felt God’s presence and he said, “No.” So I did not apply, I just waited to see what He had in store for me. While I was waiting, I tried to be a positive influence on my coworkers, tried to show them Jesus’ face.

I still smiled, was still joyful, still praised God with all my might.

When I prayed, I prayed for the specific people. I prayed that God would bind the spirit that was influencing those people, turn the situation around and show them that what they were doing was wrong. I prayed that He would open their eyes so they could see that their ungodly ways were not pleasing to Him.

As I felt things drawing to a close, I felt compelled to pray specifically, “Lord, bind the mouths and hands and feet of my enemies so that they are unable to operate against me and loose your power into this situation – lead me so that your will be done.”

I praised Him, honored Him, even through the darkest times (especially then!) and it worked to help me too. I found that I could handle the situation much better. I still had my joy (no one can ever take that from me!) and I knew that no matter what, God will always take care of me.

He doesn’t always work in our time, but He always, always knows what is best for us. He will always take care of us if we just let Him.

And He certainly takes care of me. Now I am off to a new adventure, new people for me to show the face of Jesus.

Please keep me in your prayers…