I am under attack. Satan has launched a pretty strong attack against me and his puppets are doing exactly as he directs. I think they may not have the spiritual strength that comes from God that would allow them to resist.

They are praying against me, but the powers they are praying to are NOT God. I am not sure if they are aware of this.

I am afraid for them.

They have said and done horrible things to me, true, but they are still people with value, still children of God, still my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I am afraid for the eternity that they face if they do not break those strongholds and turn to God, repent and return to His path for them.

This is a dire, serious situation and I am asking you to please, please, pray for my enemies.

Please pray for strength, wisdom, protection and favor on my part.  And pray that it will be revealed to them just what they are serving.

And please pray that God be merciful to them. The deeper they get into this, the worse the outcome will be for them on a spiritual level.

This upsets me.

This is a demonic attack and they are the catalysts. I don’t think that they even realize what they are doing.

Please, take a moment and pray for my enemies, pray that those bonds be broken and their eyes opened.

They will not stop me from doing what needs to be done here and satan is trying to stop me on several levels.

I am not asking for a lighter load, just a stronger back.

Please keep me in prayer because the battle is heated and the outcome for them will be disastrous if they do not return to God.

Thank you.