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Looking forward to some serious praise tomorrow at church – can’t wait. After this week, I need it. That is what gets me through the difficult times. When I start to feel discouraged I start praising. At least I try to do it. Sometimes I slip a little – I slipped earlier this week, briefly. But I turn on my praise music and sing as loud as I can (unless I am on the bus, then I move my lips and don’t make much sound – but I assure you, my spirit is singing plenty loud!).

I have my special playlist and I have my music on my Amazon cloud player so I can access it at work or home and find the encouragement I need. I do listen to Pandora and have set up a Christian channel on there, but the music is random and sometimes I need my music in the specific order in which I arranged it.

Right now, I am listening to “Turn it Around” by Israel & New Breed. If you are feeling down or discouraged, please, look up this song (you can find it on YouTube with the lyrics) and sing it at the top of your lungs! You will feel the presence of God as He ministers to your pain, your wounds, your spirit. It will change your outlook. If you feel an urge to get on your knees or raise your arms, do it – just go with it. That is God leading you and the more you obey Him the more healing and encouragement you will receive.

I have recently discovered the Atlanta West Pentecostal Church (on Amazon) and they have an incredible song, “Power in the Name.” You can feel God moving. I have also discovered Karen Wheaton and got a couple of her songs from her Pentecostal Fire album. I really enjoy the old favorite “Ready for a Miracle” but “The Fire will Fall” just really speaks to me. My husband has explained the event behind the words in the chorus and I understand the song even more. We need that, we really do. Too often we become lukewarm as we settle into a comfortable position in church, with God. We should never stop, never. We should always be pressing forward to draw closer to Him, to seek Him, to lead other to Him.

So I praise and praise the devil out of my way. And I assure you, he is plenty busy lately. He is awfully upset with me.