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When you see the devil getting busy go ahead, relax, smile. Because it just means that God is about to do something amazing!

This week has been one for the record books.

The devil must really be sweating something because he sure is busy. He is throwing everything he can at me. The sad thing is, he is using the people I love to do it. My heart has broken over and over these past few days. I hate to see them so lost, so misguided, so strongly under the influence of things that are not Godly.

My husband lost his job, my daughter made some very foolish choices and I hurt to see her do those things to herself. Things at work are just unspeakable. The hatred certain people have for me that the intensity of their desire to break me is too much for me to comprehend. What is most striking is that these people are so easily lured off of their path with God. One of them has such an amazing testimony, God did amazing things in this person’s life, yet they are cruel, vindictive and just nasty – and now they are aiming that nastiness at me!

I think that they have to know they are not acting in a way that is pleasing to God. God would never condone such mistreatment and vindictiveness and pettiness. They have to realize that what they are doing and feeling DOES NOT come from God.

I don’t mind that I am “on the outs” (that means I am not liked there). I am fine being alone, I get along with myself. Plus, Jesus is always with me.

The thing that hurts my heart is that these people are not even aware that they are Satan’s pawns, his playthings. He uses them and their moments of weakness, their flesh, to attack people he perceives as a threat (I certainly hope I am a threat to the devil!). They play right into his hand and do just what he wants, leaving their holy values behind.

Why does the world beckon brighter than life for some people? The world is lies and illusions, you will fall, you will hurt people and your soul will be lost as long as that is where you choose to “be.”

Living for God, on the other hand, is truth and life and light. There is peace and joy. It is a far better place.

So, I am staying the course (more than one person has given me this advice lately – verbatim) and I am keeping my eyes on God. The devil can send his pawns to hurt this flesh, but they can’t touch my spirit and they certainly can’t touch my salvation.

 I will not stop. I will keep reaching out. I will keep trying to lead others to Christ.

They can oppress me, batter me, discriminate against me, ostracize me, gossip about me and take away all of my worldly possessions.


I praise God through this storm. I have something that they do not and I wish so badly I could share it with them so they would have it too – so they could stop searching and yearning and hungering.

God is great! I praise His holy name. He is mighty! He is holy! I worship Him, I honor Him, I exalt Him. He is worthy, He is everything. Thank you God for the many blessings You have bestowed upon me. I thank You for the adversity in my life, the struggles, the persecution for it makes me wiser, more compassionate, stronger and draws me closer to You. It also shows me that now, more than ever, I must work overtime to lead others to You. This world needs You SO MUCH. I learn such grace and mercy and forgiveness during these times though they are painful and the night is long, the morning truly does bring with it unsurpassed joy. Thank You God, I love You, Jesus!