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I won’t get to tell my father Happy Father’s Day today.

Several years ago I went to wake him and he had passed away in his sleep.
People thought it strange that I did not cry (well, except for those who know me – they knew I am not really a crier). No one knew I had Asperger’s back then.
But sometimes I wonder…
See, our relationship was “strained” as they say.
We talked, but it could have been better.
We loved, but it could have been better.
I just wonder if any of us would have known that August 24, 2003 was his last day on Earth, would any of us done anything different?
Would I? Would he?
Don’t get me wrong, there were good times. But they could have been better.
The Bible tells us to honor our father and mother (Exodus 20:12). This is more about honoring the God appointed authority, not whether or not you feel they deserve that honor.
Do the right thing, even if it isn’t acknowledged, noticed or reciprocated.
No, you don’t have to put yourself in harm’s way or put your family in a situation that will harm them, but you should get right with God on the situation.
Forgive if you need to, reach out if you can, pray for them when there is nothing else you can do.
Build bridges, not fences. Fences separate us from things and people – and in the process they keep us boxed in. Bridges connect us with things and people. Today is a good day to tear down your fences and start building bridges – even if it is only between you and God.
But what if your rift is with your Heavenly Father?
Maybe you feel far away from God. Maybe you are angry with Him. Maybe you feel He did not give you a “fair shake” in life and you are suffering. Maybe you blame Him for the things that have gone wrong in your life.
Maybe you are looking in the wrong direction.
Look to God, seek the joy that He has for you (even in the darkest times) and make your peace with Him.
He is your Father, my Father, the Father of all. He is the ONLY ONE who will never forsake you, never let you down, never leave you. If He feels far away, just reach out to Him and He will be there. The Bible says that if we cry out to Him then He will comfort us.
It is never, ever too late.
I have said it before and it still stands.
What is God’s will isn’t always pleasing to us. What is pleasing to us isn’t always God’s will.
Are you living your life for God today? Are you doing your will or His? Are you doing the right thing or taking the easy path?
Are you tired of building fences and are ready to build bridges?
“But one whom you forgive anything, I forgive also; for indeed what I have forgiven, if I have forgiven anything, I did it for your sakes in the presence of Christ,” ~ 2 Corinthians 2:9-11
Happy Father’s Day.