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Welcome to the Wal-Mart church, home of the low price guarantee! We guarantee that your salvation will available for the lowest price possible. Confession, repentance, a quick dunk in the Baptismal (in whose name, does it really matter?) and you are good to go! No pesky doctrine to get in the way of your fun, no high prices – ever. Check out today’s special: A shot of joy (guaranteed to last at least through the end of the service, possibly through the day) with a side of praise and worship for the low, low price of one repentance. What a deal! And don’t worry, you won’t leave burdened with other’s problems and an obligation to pray every day – we want to offer you the absolute lowest price and we do!

Sounds pretty good, huh?

The only problem is, you get what you pay for.

Discount salvation is no salvation. Do you go to a Wal-Mart church?

Don’t get me wrong, Wal-Mart has some great deals at great prices. A Wal-Mart church does, no doubt, offer great deals at great prices as well. Maybe you get to enjoy some praise and worship, get a feel good message and awesome fellowship with your brothers and sisters.

But then what?

What about your salvation?

News flash, there is a three prong approach to salvation – the ONLY way to get to Heaven.

Wal-Mart churches tend to leave off the uncomfortable parts, the parts that carry a higher price tag. Then again, they could not appeal to the masses if they raised their prices, could they?

Well, your “deal” is not really a deal at all. Like many discount items, cheap means cheaply made as well as low cost. Discount salvation will only take you so far, but not all the way. Discount salvation won’t get you into Heaven.

This is your salvation, your eternal life. Do you want almost right or exactly right? Do you want to be politically correct so no one feels left out or offended (the way of the lost), or do you want to be completely correct, receiving and giving the truth (the way of those who will reside eternally with Christ)?

Time is running out. You won’t always have these choices. You won’t always have these opportunities.

Free will seems great, but it is really a bad idea. Free will is how we wind up with Wal-Mart churches (and a lot of other stuff that takes us off the path). I can see why God gave us free will and the value of it, but still, sometimes I just want to shake some people!

How do you spot the real deal from the cheap knock offs, you ask?

Some ways to spot the real deal:

  • ·         Doctrine is taught
  • ·         Acts 2:38 is preached and practiced
  • ·         The concept of ONE God (God’s name is Jesus, God is the Holy Spirit) is taught
  • ·         Evangelism is a cornerstone (to populate the Kingdom-it’s about saving souls)
  • ·         There is a call for you to die to this world and let Christ fill you
  • ·         Sacrifice is taught – sacrifice self, worldly things, etc.

False prophets are beautiful. They make you feel good, tell you things to make you feel good and OK, don’t bother you with the sacrifices and requirements for salvation – anything goes, whatever you are comfortable with is fine. They twist the scripture to make salvation comfortable – so you don’t have to give too much or seek too much (like speaking in tongues) or pay too high a price. But they won’t get you into Heaven.

False prophets are the cornerstone of Wal-Mart churches.

Don’t be fooled.