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Today was an amazing day. Of course, every day that I live for God is an amazing day, but this day was particularly amazing.

We went to church this morning. The first part is an adult Bible study and it felt like God was speaking directly to me. During the break, I did not talk to anyone really because this is only my third week and I don’t know anyone. I am not sure how to approach people and talk to them. I hope I feel more comfortable soon.

There is a woman who goes to my church and I know her so it was really nice to go to a new place and find someone familiar.

There are no coincidences – God has His own ways of making me feel comfortable in new situations.

When we all came together for church, you could just feel God moving. I love where we sit because most of the children sit on the first row and we are right behind them. During the praise and worship, they sing and jump and have so much joy!

We had a guest speaker, Travis Worthington and his wife Amber.  They are very nice people and he is an amazing pastor. As he spoke, he kept saying, “I am almost finished.” And I kept thinking, “I hope not!”

God has been dealing with me on some things and this went straight to the heart of the situation. Of course, I had spent a good part of the morning praying that He would speak to me through the service.

However, it was the end of the sermon that really made an impact.

First, he talked about receiving the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. He said it was important, necessary.

Then he explained what to look for, how to recognize it. It changed my world!

I have spoken in tongues; I do so quite regularly. However, it usually happens when I am not paying attention. For instance, I wake up in the night speaking in tongues, or just out of the blue it will start, but when I am not thinking about it (or really anything else). The point is, it happens when I am not paying attention.

I understood this aspect.

What I did not understand, and what was explained today, was that God puts the words there and we should speak them out loud. I already know that He is gentle with me, speaks to me in ways that I understand (and understands that I need to hear from Him – with factual references such as Biblical, etc.).

I have only been attending true spirit filled churches for about 3 years. Prior to that, I attended churches that called themselves “spirit-filled,” but did not teach much of that doctrine.

I have only been called to the Apostolic faith over the past couple of years – and it has been a very gentle, gradual process.  God has told me what He wanted me to do and I have obeyed. But I have not had any real instruction about the changes that God has called upon me to make. I started dressing appropriately (like a woman) and had no idea why God wanted me to do it. When I was led through prayer to  1 Timothy 9:10 and Deuteronomy 22:5. Then I understood.

But, back to this morning.

He began to talk, to explain, what it felt like when the Holy Spirit moves on you. He said that the words are there and you are supposed to say them.

I had no idea!

I thought it “just happened” like it does when I am not paying attention. I did not realize that when I get the words I just say them. Everything changed.

Now I understand speaking in tongues as a submission to God, an obedience. I knew that I had to give myself to Him and live for Him, but this just made everything so much brighter and clearer!

No one had ever explained it that way, ever.

Then he led us through repentance and seeking the Holy Spirit. It was so helpful to have someone walk me through the process. Those few moments were golden to me. They opened a door for me and brought me closer to God. They actually improved my relationship with Him.

I don’t think Brother Worthington even knows what he did today.

Ministering to someone who is on the spectrum can be a challenge for pastors. Many people with Asperger’s need literal speech, hard facts, clear scripture and not so many emotional references (most of us don’t relate to emotions and emotional actions). I know we are a minority, but we do need to be ministered to and saved too. How can churches accomplish this?

But he spoke to my own sensibilities and in a language I understood. I mentioned to my husband that I really enjoyed Bro Worthington’s preaching style, especially the end where he walks everyone through receiving the Holy Spirit. He said that they style is similar to Billy Cole, a Apostolic pastor. So, we spent the afternoon sitting on the bed, eating honey sunflower bread and swiss cheese, watching videos of Billy Cole on YouTube. Great day.

Like I said, today was amazing.

Another Window was opened for me and I got a little closer to God.

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