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I have a situation occurring in my life right now that is difficult. It involves people who are treating me unfairly, even with cruelty at times.

It hurts because I have tried to be good and do what these people want. I just cannot please them. They don’t wantto like me.

And they proclaim themselves to be Christians.

It is confusing.

But as I prayed for them, for the situation, this morning, and as I have let God speak to me about the situation, I realize that the flesh is weak. Even “Christians” can be influenced demonically and turn against their own brothers and sisters in Christ.

Wow. I did not just write that. This is God speaking. I don’t have that insight into the human psyche. I am not that smart. And I don’t talk like that. But as I have said before, God does the writing, I just hold the pen.

What I have come to realize – and not on my own, but through God’s gentle guidance – is that while these people, these bullies, may have an affect on my state here on Earth, in this temporary life, they cannot even begin to touch my state in eternity or my position with God.

God will put me where He wants me and He will direct me down the path that He wants me to pursue. He will never let me down and He will take care of me. I will have what I need – always, I know this.

I am here for a reason. I am in the paths of these people for a reason. Maybe I need to learn lessons, maybe they do, maybe someone witnessing the way these people treat me is looking to see how I will react.

I want to show them the face of God, let them see the grace and mercy that Jesus has put in my heart. I want them to see what faith can do.

And maybe someone will be led to God through this – or back to Him.