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I see things surrounding people who call themselves “Christians,” things that are contradictory to the guidance provided in the Bible as I understand it. I see lots of people claiming to be Christians, many who claim to be “church people” (I don’t know if all of them actually attend because they don’t go to my church), but I also see many who don’t follow through with what the Bible tells us to do, how to treat each other, how Jesus wants us to live.

I call these people “Sunday Christians.”

Don’t get me wrong, I am not judging, just pondering. People do lots of things that I don’t understand. This is just one area that hurts because I look to people thinking that we can encourage each other, support each other, and then I find that they are someone completely different when you take off the Christian mask.

It confuses me because I watch other people and try to pattern after them because so much of the interpersonal relations stuff is completely beyond me. I don’t understand it at all.

I am not perfect, not by a long shot, but I am consistent. If you come to my house at any time, you will find me in a dress (probably my favorite skirt), no make-up, no gossip, no lies. I act the same way on Sunday as I do anywhere else, any other day of the week (I may be a little more outgoing at home where I am comfortable).

I ask my husband lots of questions, but the girl stuff he doesn’t have answers. I have gone to the Bible for guidance on dressing like a girl (wearing dresses) and letting my hair grow and not wearing make-up. I believe in these things because this is how the Bible tells me I should live. This is also what I have felt God has led me to do, what He has led me to give up, to sacrifice.

So some things I can get from the Bible, but some things it would help to have someone I can trust to help me.

I just don’t see a lot of consistency.

I am in regular contact with several people who claim to be Christians, say that they are “spiritual,” yet they lie, gossip and say awful things to me. I have been lied about by “Christians,” had a “Christian” tell other people things so that my job was threatened and had a “Christian” say terrible things that came from her believing the lies and gossip of another “Christian.” There is no kindness, no compassion, no Jesus anywhere to be found around here (so glad Jesus hangs out with me in my office all day and comes home with me to spend each evening and morning).

Anyone want to explain this to me?

Being a Christian is not a “get out of jail free” card. It isn’t something you can flash like your uber cool, super stupendous, platinum credit card.  When you flash that card, you aren’t representing the bank, they don’t care how you conduct yourself or what state your soul is in. When you get your card, it is because you paid for it; there is no real behavior change, no sacrifice.

But when you become a Christian, there is a sacrifice! There should be a sacrifice! You should feel the sting of shedding certain things of this world. And just like you have to keep up with those credit card payments each month, you should hold yourself to a certain standard. Jesus won’t have collectors calling you, but you shouldn’t need a babysitter to keep you living the way He directed in the Bible.

Jesus told the Rich Young Ruler to sell all of his worldly possessions and follow Him. The Rich Young Ruler wasn’t up to the challenge and it seems that so many people have watered down the core Biblical principles to suit their own lackadaisical ways.

But I don’t think you can change Jesus’ guidance to suit your needs. I think it is more like you have to change YOU to suit Jesus’ guidance.

Maybe I am too confused or even wrong. Maybe the standard for Christian commitment has declined and the bar has been lowered.

But I certainly hope not.

Take a good, hard look at your life. What have you given up, sacrificed, to follow Jesus? If you are saying, “Nothing,” then maybe you should go back and reevaluate your relationship with Christ. Maybe it is time to take inventory. Maybe it is time to make some serious changes so that you can walk even closer with Jesus, more in step with Him.