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Well this is day two of my prayer and fasting and it appears that the devil is getting busy. I don’t think he likes this too much. I have had a rather trying 24 hours.

First, my husband got sick – really sick. He was violently ill all last night which means I sat up and worried about him all night. I did what I could for him (which wasn’t much) and did not get to sleep until around 3 am. I was up at 4 am.
I went to work and it seemed that things just weren’t going right. At first I chalked it up to my being exhausted and possibly a little irritable, but then I logged onto my profile at Chazown.com (it is a great website that takes you through a series of exercises to help you find your spiritual gifts and discover God’s purpose for you). I had gotten about halfway through the whole process, but when I logged on this evening, it looks like someone hacked into my account. Most of the information is not mine, very different and parts I had not done are completed – not by me.
I had gotten to the part about what my spiritual gifts are:


But I had gotten no farther and now the whole thing is messed up.
I don’t exactly appreciate the devil interfering with my prayer and fasting, my spiritual growth. But I won’t be discourage that easily. LOL If the site doesn’t get straightened out I’ll just sign up with another email address and start over! Once I make up my mind to do something the ONLY ONE who can stop me is GOD. I have a dogged determination that will outlast any adversary.
This chazown.com is part of my prayer and fasting – I want to know what God’s purpose is for me. I WILL find out and I WILL complete the exercises, one way or another.
So, even with all the distractions, here is my S.O.A.P. for Day 2:
Scripture: Today one of my devotionals in my email was this:
Instruct all the skilled craftsmen whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom. Have them make garments for Aaron that will distinguish him as a priest set apart for my service.
Exodus 28:3
The tailors who made Aaron’s garments were given wisdom by God in order to do their task. All of us have special skills. God wants to fill us with his Spirit so we will use those skills for his glory.
Think about your special talents and abilities. What ways could you use them for God’s work in the world? As you focus on helping and giving to others, God will show you the best ways to do it and give you wisdom to accomplish the task.

Observation: Now, after reading that I knew that there is NO WAY you can tell me that I am not going in the right direction with this fast. God is already moving in my life, guiding me, directing me and showing me where to go, what to do. I will continue to be obedient to HIM and NO ONE can hinder my faithfulness and submissiveness to Him.


Application: I will continue to fast and pray and seek God’s guidance for my life. When I commit to something I tend to commit wholeheartedly. I am always the one who people say goes above and beyond – I even won an award at work for my “above and beyond service.” I will do whatever my God wants from me and I will do it with everything inside of me. I never stop and “just good enough” because “just good enough” is mediocre. I like “excellent,” “outstanding” and “awesome.”

What if God gave us His “just good enough” and that was all?
Prayer: I have prayed about this journey and will continue to do so. I prayed all night for my husband – good thing we don’t have a prayer quota and can only pray so much each day! I’d be in real trouble!
Looks like I need to pray for protection as well now that I see I am under attack. I wonder if anyone else doing this 21 day plan is experiencing any interference?