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Today was my first day fasting. I did email, but no FaceBook games.

I’m OK with it too.
I came home and cooked dinner for my husband and me. After we ate, I cleaned the kitchen and we watched a movie. Quality time that I could devote all of my attention to the movie and my husband instead of dividing my time between FB games and movie and husband.
It was nice.
Anyway, that is my little recap of Day 1. So, for the S.O.A.P. method, this is what I think:
Scripture:  My literature said to read Genesis 7. It was about Noah and the flood. God took care of him and his family. I found it interesting to read.
Observation:  I devoted more time and attention to my husband and got off of the computer. I can feel the words inside me beginning to stir. I think that God has more writing work for me to do – I’ve been thinking that for a while. But I am really starting to feel it.
Application: I think it will take a day or two for things to start coming together, at least for me. I have been praying though. I prayed a lot today. This afternoon the President had a national moment of silence for the victims of the Tuscon, AZ shooting. I tuned in to KLOVE (a Christian radio station that streams their program online) and listened to a preacher lead a prayer. It was good.
I also decided to listen only to Christian music for the 21 days. I had a really good time listening to it today. It made me feel so good! I felt the Holy Spirit move over me and at one point I was singing and raising hands and praising God – all at my desk at work. It was awesome!
Prayer: I prayed this afternoon and I will pray before I go to bed, sort of end the day with a prayer.
So, all in all, I think Day 1 went well. It may not be like some people do it, but I am not like some people, not even like most people. And I have to do what works for me.
I think God understands.