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This weekend I discovered I have some wonderful family. I spent time with my in-laws and learned that they are very kind-hearted, wonderful people. I met my sister-in-law and really like her. My mother-in-law is a doll and her husband is very funny and kind. But I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less – they are, after all, the family in which my husband grew up.

I admit, it was a stressful time because it is very hard being around people I don’t know. I don’t know what to say or how to act because I don’t want them to be uncomfortable.
I haven’t learned how to read them yet (which is always a challenge, even with my husband). I don’t know if my mother-in-law is quiet because she is thinking or because she is upset, and if she is upset is it because of something I said or did…
Then people get so loud and some of them smoke. I can’t handle cigarette smoke, it really bothers me. So I retreat to my room. Then I worry if I am offending anyone by going in my room.
They don’t understand me either. They don’t understand that when I go to my room I am just relaxing and regrouping. I am fine, happy even. Then when I come back out I am better.
But I was afraid that they would worry that I was stuck up or unhappy. The truth is, I am not either of those things. I just get overwhelmed and I need to decompress.
I am sensitive, but not easily offended. In fact, when it comes to people dealing with my AS, it just means so much when I see that they want to understand. It really means a lot when they accept me as I am. I think that is what I got here with these people. The want to understand and they accept me.
I think we all have a lot to learn still about each other, but in the end we will all be richer.
I believe that God has led me not only to my husband, but also to this family. This is what I have always wanted, that close relationship with my mother-in-law. I knew she had to be special if she raised my husband. I was right.
So, we will navigate this path the best we can. We will learn from each other.
I feel so blessed, so rich, to have ended up in this family. God definitely knew what He was doing when he led me to this place. I see now that He has had His hand in this all along.