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We all essentially live in two very different worlds, the physical world (where our body is) and the spiritual world (where our spirit/soul reside). We are usually very aware of the physical world, but many people are very out of touch with the spiritual world.

And that can get you into trouble.
The troubles that we have in the physical world can be used to undermine our spiritual growth, inhibit the growth of our relationship with God. It puts blinders on us, keeping our focus on the storm (difficult times, troubles) instead of where it should be – on God.
In chess, when you want to overtake your opponent, you keep them on the defensive. That way, they are so busy defending themselves, protecting themselves from the attack that they don’t move forward or make any offensive moves. And they lose.
So it is in spiritual warfare. The enemy knows the power of God, what He can do. Because of this, the devil tries to keep you busy tending your troubles – worry, doubt, despair, depression – because if you are occupied with that, on the defensive, you can’t make the offensive maneuvers which would be to reach out to God – to climb out of your worry, doubt, despair, depression.
The only way to win – THE ONLY WAY – is to abandon those defensive maneuvers and put your mind on God. Yes, that means that you may feel momentarily vulnerable and exposed. You may even feel out of control.
But that is a LIE that the devil wants you to believe.
See, when you tear your focus from the enemy’s attack, force yourself to turn your mind to God and look to Him, putting it all in God’s hands, you will see that you will regain the ground that you’ve lost.
To the enemy, you are nothing but a pawn on a chessboard. To God, you are EVERYTHING.