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Today, November 1, is Autistics Speaking Day.

Somedays I wonder if anyone is actually listening.
Well, if anyone is listening…
I do not suffer from Asperger’s. I do, however, suffer from people who don’t understand and don’t want to understand. I suffer from people who are mean to me because I am not like them. I suffer from people who don’t accept me yet expect me to accept them.
I am not stupid. I am very good at my job and can do my job. It is wrong, wrong, WRONG to say that I can’t do my job just because I am autistic. In many ways my Asperger’s makes me very good at my job. Because of my Asperger’s I am
  • Analytical
  • Highly Intelligent
  • Detailed
  • Focused
  • A Good Worker
Having a “disability” does not mean that I am disabled. I am different and I do struggle in some ways, but I am worth the effort of knowing. It just takes a little more time, effort and patience.
Autism is not a mental illness. I am very stable mentally. I get frustrated just like everyone else, sad like everyone else and angry like everyone else, but it does not mean that I am mentally challenged or psychologically damaged. It just means that in some ways I am pretty much like everyone else.
I wish people would stop and listen, really listen. The only way you can understand me, know me is to listen to me. But interrupting me when I am talking to you, not listening to me because you want to jump ahead and finish my sentences with things I was not going to say, is foolish and you will never, ever know me.
If you never know anything about me, do please know that I am kind, loyal and supportive. I would really like a friend, but I just don’t know how to make friends or how to have a friend. I can count on one hand how many friends I have and most of those are pretty questionable. The only friend who actually goes out of their way to talk to me and be my friend is my husband.
But even if I never make a friend, a real friend other than my husband, I know with all my heart that Jesus loves me. God created me in His image, just like you. So I guess I am not all that different after all.