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I am so upset. I just read about a young man, Marcus Jannes, who killed himself and broadcast it over the internet. He was only 21 years old.

He had Asperger’s Syndrome.

He was so young and felt like life was so hopeless. That is sad. He was apparently struggling with the social issues that AS can cause and he was feeling depressed. So he set up his camera, sent out a link, took a bunch of pills, wrapped a cord around his neck and killed himself.

And people just watched. They watched while the life left him, while he took his final breath. They treated it like a movie or video game, not a living, breathing, hurting human who felt he had nothing to live for.

He had been posting to a forum and said he was going to kill himself. Some people tried to talk him out of it, tried to help him. This is according to the news story.

Others, though, called him names, taunted him saying he was “too cowardly” to go through with it and some even gave him advice on the best way to carry it out. It wasn’t until more than 20 minutes later, after he posted “let’s do it” that someone actually asked if anyone had called the police. By the time the police arrived, the boy was dead.


This upsets me so much! I see how tragic this ended and them I was on a forum where they were discussing it and someone posted photos from the feed! I did not realize what they were until I thought about the description in the news story and matched it to the photos. It made my chest hurt.

I don’t understand people.

I think about his soul and it upsets me. Once you go to hell, you can’t change anything. When you accept Jesus as your Savior and are saved, you do so in faith. You do it because you trust in God and have FAITH that there is a Heaven and hell. But after you are dead, there is no changing the course. Once you are dead, faith is a moot point. At that time, it is proven to you that there is a Heaven and hell and the key factor of faith, in believing in God, is lost. It is sad that people don’t understand or believe that.

This event really bothers me, though, because people are spending way too much time communicating online and we are losing our humanity. The internet and, in particular, spending extended periods of time on social networks, forums and message boards has a dehumanizing effect.

Stanford University published the results of research they conducted on this issue. They concluded that frequent use does more than just affect our brains, it alters our brains. See, when we look at a computer, our brain processes that information differently than when we are face to face.

This altered type of processing breaks down the brain’s hardwired functioning, its capacity to read the facial expressions of people. The danger in this is exactly what we saw in the forums I just described – a lack of empathy.

I wrote an article on it here www.more4kids.info/1712/computer-and-the… if you are interested.

The problem is people spend so much time in the virtual world, their brains can’t tell the difference between what is real and what it virtual. They see the movies of people getting shot and killed, kill people in video games, it just goes on and one.

While your mind may think “I know this isn’t real,” the brain can’t tell the difference. It is accepting it as real and true.

Over time, as the brain is exposed to this type of activity, because the brain itself believes it is real (even if the mind knows it isn’t) it begins to become desensitized to violence, to the human element, to feelings of compassion and empathy. It is really necessary from a physiological standpoint because the brain has to protect itself, the body and, yes, the mind. Eventually, the mind becomes numb to it too.

My husband pointed out that neuroscience and the human brain is my “special interest.” I did not know this until he pointed it out to me, but now I know he is right.

And I am right about this. I don’t know if anyone listens to me on here, but someone should be listening – and doing something.

We need to avoid having things like the tragic ending of a life, like the tragic end to Marcus Jannes life – and no one helped.

Tonight I will pray for his family and for all those people whose brains are so numbed by the violence and dehumanizing effect of computer use that they had not empathy, no compassion for a lost, desperate, distraught soul.

It is too late to place blame – and pointless. But we need to learn from these things. I am just one small voice out here. Please tell me I am not the only one who sees this…