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I know that part of being a Christian means being with people and helping them get to know Jesus, but sometimes it is just too much.

Today was like that.

I had to go grocery shopping. I HATE shopping!

But I made my list (with brands – I decide on my brands before I leave so I don’t have to struggle with making the decisions). Then I clipped my coupons and loaded my coupons to my grocery store (Safeway) membership card (from cellfire.com).

I got to the store and started shopping. Well, first I stopped at Starbucks and got my coffee beans so we can have our coffee in the mornings at home and I got myself a raspberry white mocha.

I walked through the store, shopping, getting what I needed. It goes really fast because I use a list and I know exactly what I am going to get. I don’t stop to get things that are not on my list, that would distract me and I would spend a lot of time making decisions. I don’t make decisions easily.

I used to spend 20 or 30 minutes just trying to pick out toilet paper. Now I just get Northern and nothing else. Some types I can’t touch, much use, so my husband said to find one I like and stick with it.

I tried to go when no one would be there, but there were people there. Every aisle I turned down, someone would be on that aisle and they would be right in the middle!

I go so frustrated!

Then the lights were buzzing and flickering. The music was really loud and twangy. There was a child screaming somewhere. It was awful! Too much noise!

So I grabbed what I needed and kept praying. I feel sorry that I have such a hard time with crowds because I know that God wants me to reach people and help them find Him. It is so hard, though.

I tried to smile and be nice.

The guy who checked me out asked me if he could get someone to help me put my groceries in my car for me. I said no thank you, but someone could come to my house and help me carry them up the flight of stairs.

He laughed so I did too. I am not sure what was funny.

When it came time to pay, he took off my card coupons and regular coupons.

I saved $42.09 in coupons. I felt good.

I went home and my husband had come home. When I told him he was really proud of me.

He helped me carry the groceries from the car up to our apartment. I didn’t need the guy from the grocery store to help after all.

God is good!