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I don’t think I am meant to drive. I HATE it! Traffic is the worst for me. I get upset, very upset. I can’t breathe and it is hard for me to think. My husband says it is because there is too much for me to process at once. I think that is true.

Please read this all the way through. The end is especially important.

I was in traffic yesterday. I had to go to a meeting in another city. Mapquest said it would take me 40 minutes to get there. It took me 2 hours.

I was in the traffic and the cars were everywhere! Ahead of me, they were as far as I could see. There were all the colors, lights reflecting off of mirrors and windows, sounds of horns and engines and the smells were alarming. They were doing construction on both interstates I was driving on and I could smell the cranes and equipment as well as the tar and the smells of the cars. People were pulling in front of me and the cars on the side were so close I could have reached out of my window and touched them.

By the time I got to my meeting I was very upset. I tried to not let it show, but I think they knew. The meeting went well, though and I relaxed. They told me that the traffic would not be so bad on my way back.

When I left the meeting to go home, I felt relaxed.

When I got on the interstate, though, I had not gone far when the traffic got really, really bad, even worse than before. My gas gauge was on a quarter of a tank of gas because I did not put gas in after I left the meeting. This made me nervous and upset me a lot.

I went a little way down the road in the really bad traffic but it was too much. I called my husband. I told him I was not having a good time, I was stuck in traffic and it was really bad. He was very patient with me and he talked to me in a calm, low voice (that helps me). He told me to be careful and just keep on going then when I get home relax and stay there till he got home.

Talking to him helped a lot. I did stop and get fuel so I felt better about that. Then I got back on the road and back into traffic. I got further down the road and that is when I saw what the problem was. An 18 wheeler had crashed. It looked really bad. He had been in the southbound lane and crossed the median, crashing into the northbound lane’s barrier. The front of his truck was all crashed in and the driver’s side door was open (I hope that means he was able to get out by himself and wasn’t too hurt). There were police and fire trucks and an ambulance there.

So then I felt bad. I spent the next three miles praying, asking God to forgive me for being angry at the traffic (there was no traffic at all after I passed the wreck).

Sometimes things are going on or people are doing things and we get angry about it. But if we take the time to stop and look at what is really going on (like the wreck causing the traffic), it might change our attitude toward it.

I like the quote, “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a difficult battle” because we all do have difficult battles, I know I do. If we would all treat each other as if we know of their personal battle, we would be kinder to each other and there wouldn’t be so much anger in the world. People would be more accepting. My husband said that is a fantasy, but he loves that I am an idealist.

Maybe I am an idealist, but wouldn’t it be nice if this could happen?