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I started writing this because God laid it on my heart some time ago to share my world with you. See, I have Asperger’s Syndrome (it is on the autism spectrum). I am also a Christian. Many people don’t see how these two things can exist within the same person. I know, however, that they can. I know other Christians with Asperger’s and I know what is in my heart.

So this will be a journey, my journey, as I grow as a Christian and navigate this confusing, noisy, cluttered world as an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome (we call ourselves Aspies – it’s OK, it’s politically correct).

I have met several people who work with autistic children or who have autistic children and they are fascinated with me because I am adult with the condition. They say they want to “pick my brain” which sounds a little scary, but it just means that they want to ask me questions. They want to learn more about people who live in the autistic world. That is one of the reasons I started writing this.

But I want to learn about them too because as much of a mystery as I am to them, so they are to me.

Now, please understand that my circumstances are different from those of other people with the same condition but they are also the same in a lot of ways. There is a saying, “If you have seen one person with Asperger’s, you’ve seen one person with Asperger’s” It is the same with autism. While we may all share some common traits, we each have our own set of unique characteristics.

I know some autistic people and I think they are beautiful. I like them the same way I like children and animals. There is a purity, a truth, honesty in them and they are genuine. You don’t have to wonder what they mean because they just say what they mean. When I talk to them, I very rarely have to ask for clarification. With adult humans, I have to ask for clarity A LOT.

So, maybe reading this will help you better understand, at least to some degree, people with Asperger’s or even autism. Welcome to my world.